We, at Nu Cosmetic, offer a variety of top-quality surgical cosmetic treatments for your breast, face and body. These treatments are aimed at helping you achieve the desired results so as to improve your appearance, within the shortest span of time. We have state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated equipment that help us offer a wide range of surgical treatments in a safe and effective way.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in carrying out various surgical treatments to correct cosmetic disorders in clients. They take all kinds of precautions to prevent any kind of side effects either during or after the surgery. We give you complete information about the treatment and clarify all your queries before going ahead. The kind of cosmetic surgeries we offer include:

  • Weight Loss Surgery

    Although a common goal of most overweight and obese people, weight loss is something that can’t be achieved too easily. Through decreasing the size of your stomach, Weight loss surgery can help you lose weight within the shortest span of time.

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  • Hair Transplant

    You can go for a Hair Transplant surgery if you are facing extreme hair thinning or baldness. This involves the transplantation of healthy hair follicles that are taken from the back of your head. It aims at stopping hair loss and stimulating the growth of healthy and natural hair.

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  • Nose Surgery

    Nose Surgery is the perfect solution to reduce the size of your nose, change its shape and smooth out the bumps and lumps. With most of the operations performed from inside the nose, your skin looks untouched and natural, while giving your nose a perfect shape.

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  • Eye-Bag Removal

    The appearance of eye-bags can make you look a lot older than you are, lowering your self-confidence and self-esteem. Through eye-bag removal surgery we can help you get rid of those ugly bags forever, leaving you looking fresh and youthful within a short span of time.

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  • Ear Correction

    Prominent ears can now be corrected through ear correction surgery. We also repair ears that have cut open by wearing heavy earrings for long periods of time. Within one or two hours, we can give a perfect shape to your ears, correcting all flaws safely and effectively.

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  • Breast Uplift

    If your breasts have lost the fullness and support because of age, childbirth or weight loss, it is time to give them a lift by going in for the Breast Uplift Surgery. This can also be used as a combination with Breast Enlargement Surgery to achieve better results.

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  • Breast Reduction

    If over-sized breasts are giving a disproportionate appearance to your body, you can go in for a Breast Reduction Surgery. This is a simple procedure that removes the excess fat from the breasts, while giving them a lift. The results will be completely natural.

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**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

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