Why consider liposuction?

For many people, even with strictest diet and exercise regime , there is no reduction of fat deposits. These fatty deposits are visible in the form of bulges in the abdomen, thigh, buttocks, arms etc. For such people, liposuction is a good solution.

How is vaser liposuction different from traditional liposuction?

Vaser Lipo offers a unique and innovative new approach to tackling those unwelcome areas of fat that are unreactive to diet and exercise. Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive, safer alternative to liposuction, giving a slimmer and more toned figure. Vaser is the only fat reducing procedure that has tissue-selective technology; this means that important neighbouring structures to the fat (such as connective tissue, muscle and blood vessels) are only minimally affected.

What does the procedure involve?

Vaser liposuction has a revolutionary approach to fat removal. Ultrasound energy is used to destroy fat cells; this is then suctioned out and removed naturally by the body. The procedure is only minimally invasive, so only a local anaesthetic is required. An additional benefit to Vaser is that it actively tightens and tones skin in the treated area, giving a smoother and sleeker appearance.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

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What can I expect after the procedure?

After your treatment, you should expect to feel a little bruised, swollen and sore, however in most cases this is completely resolved with simple analgesia. We will provide you with a compression garment that you should wear for the following few weeks. This will help your body to mould into its new shape.We normally advise our clients to take a couple of days off work to rest and recuperate, and you can return to your normal daily activities over the following two weeks.

What areas can be treated?


What kind of aftercare will I get?

Nu’s unique Aftercare Policy means that you can attain your dream body with peace of mind. It includes unlimited post-operative appointments and revision surgery where clinically indicated. For more details, see our Aftercare Page.

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  • **Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case
  • **Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Before and after images

At your consultation, our Patient Care Co-ordinators will provide you a wide selection of before and after photographs of our previous patients.

Before and After Image of Vaser Liposuction India - Nu Cosmetic Clinic

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Vaser Liposuction Important FAQ

Vaser Liposuction (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is a minimally invasive procedure that is designed to liquefy the accumulation of fat in your body using ultrasound technology. This fat is then eliminated from your body through normal suction. When compared to traditional liposuction this is a much safer method which can be carried out under local anesthesia.
Yes, it does! As long as you are a healthy individual who has stubborn fat deposits in small quantities, vaser liposuction can be very effective for you. However, you will have to maintain a regular routine of exercise and consume balanced meals.
Vaser Liposuction is found to be effective in treating various body parts such as:  Chin, neck and Jowls  Love handles, hips and Abdomen  Female and Male Breasts  Arms  Thighs, Buttocks and Back  Calves, ankles and knees
It is impossible to determine the cost of Vaser liposuction procedure unless a doctor evaluates your condition. This cost varies from patient to patient depending upon the number of areas that are to be treated, the amount of fat that is deposited in these areas and so on.

Slight bruising, soreness and swelling are quite normal after Vaser Liposuction treatment. These can however be taken care of through a simple analgesic. Other complications such as infection and pain are quite rare and may occur only if you do not choose your doctor wisely or do not follow his instructions properly.
When compared to traditional liposuction that is invasive, Vaser Lipo is minimally invasive as it uses ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat cells from targeted areas of your body. While doing so, it spares your connective tissues, blood vessels, nerves and other important tissues to make sure no damage is caused to any other part of your body. Therefore, Vaser Liposuction is a much safer procedure when compared to the traditional liposuction.
Small incisions are first created in the areas that are to be treated and then these are filled with a local anesthetic and special saline. This will numb the area and shrink your blood vessels that will minimize bruising and reduce your blood loss. By wetting the area, this solution makes it easier to break down the fatty tissues. After this a probe which is known as Vaser Ultrasound is used to transmit sound energy through these incisions. This energy will break up your fatty tissues without causing any damage to your surrounding tissues. This liquefied fat will be removed via an aspiration process that uses special suction cannulas.
If you are a healthy person with stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of your body that are difficult to eliminate through diet or exercise, Vaser Lipo may be the right treatment for you. However, in case you have severe skin laxity, excessive stretch marks or excessive overhang, you may not be suitable for Vaser Liposuction. You can go for a tummy tuck or a more invasive procedure to reduce your fat deposits.
There are other methods to break down your fatty tissues, such as WaterJet, Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo. However, in our opinion Vaser Liposuction is the best method as this doesn’t cause any damage to your surrounding tissues.
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At Nu, we know that cosmetic surgery is a private and personal matter and we strongly believe in keeping all details completely confidential. We promise that all details of your dealings with us, from consultation appointments to surgery and aftercare will be kept completely private and confidential. We will only discuss it with people you have explicitly nominated such as your partner or other named next of kin.
**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case