Overview of Ultra Lipolysis

The rigorous of exercises and strictest of diets may not prove successful when it comes to eliminating such fat. This is where Ultrasonic Lipolysis can help you.

What exactly is Ultrasonic Lipolysis?

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is a non-surgical non-invasive procedure that makes use of ultrasound energy to minimise fat accumulation from the targeted areas of your body such as abdomen, waist, upper arms, inner thighs, ankles and knees. Apart from removing unwanted fat, this also gives a new shape to your body, helping you enjoy a toned appearance.

How does Ultrasonic lipolysis work?

  • A transducer that is connected to ultrasound equipment is passed on the skin of your targeted area. This emits Ultrasonic waves of high intensity in a conical way.
Ultra Lipolysis Fat Treatment - Nu Cosmetic Clinic
  • The fatty tissues underneath your skin will be warmed and treated by two beams of ultrasound energy that are passed by this transducer
  • This mobilizes your fat cells and encourages your body to re-absorb, drain or metabolize these excess fatty fluids.

This works on the fat cells that are 1.5 cm underneath the surface of your skin. Once these are mobilized, the transducer will be passed again to work on the next layer of your fat cells.

How many sessions on an average do we require?

Results are almost immediate with an average of 2-10 cm lost from the area after the first session. It is recommended to have 3 to 12 sessions.

What is the aftercare?

The next three days after treatment, following precautions have to be taken

  • No caffeine (tea, coffee or coke)
  • No alcohol (your liver is busy getting rid of all this extra fat)
  • Drink lots of water and eat fruits.
  • No very fatty meal (like fried food)

The Nutrionist will take care of the entire process of diet regimen.

What are the common treatment areas?

Waist, stomach, hips, thighs.

Before and After:


Ultra Lipolysis before after

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Cost of Ultrasonic Lipolysis

The cost of ultrasonic lipolysis differs from person to person. It depends entirely on the number of areas to be treated, the amount of fat that is accumulated in these areas and the number of sessions that the person may require.

To make things more affordable we, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, offer a comprehensive package that includes, consultation, pre-procedure tests if any, the treatment cost, after-care and follow-up sessions.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis Reviews

We, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, have helped many get rid of their accumulated fat deposits and reshape their body through ultrasonic lipolysis. Most of these have been extremely pleased with the kind of results they have achieved.

Some have even been kind enough to write a few reviews that we have put up on our testimonial page. You can go through some of these to get a fair idea about the quality of services we offer.

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss treatment options with our experts and discover a Nu You. We will be glad to help you.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case


At Nu, we know that cosmetic enhancement is a private and personal matter and we strongly believe in keeping all details completely confidential. We promise that all details of your dealings with us, from consultation appointments to your procedure and aftercare will be kept completely private and confidential. We will only discuss it with people you have explicitly nominated such as your partner or other named next of kin.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case