Scars can mar the appearance of your skin to the extent of you hiding your skin behind scarves or makeup. If you want to be free from such scars and improve your skin texture you can opt for Dermaroller therapy, which is the latest in eliminating scars.

What is Dermaroller therapy?

Dermaroller therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is very successful in treating all types of scars and improving skin texture. It involves micro-needling that punctures your skin repeatedly, thereby stimulating the production of collagen in your skin to repair skin damage and improve the texture. It also goes by the name PCI (Percutaneous collagen therapy) and CIT (Collagen induction therapy).

How Dermaroller therapy works?

  • A topical anaesthetic is first applied to the targeted area for treatment so as to minimise discomfort or pain.
  • A device which is like a medical-grade roller with tiny or micro-needles is then rolled onto your skin so as to create puncture wounds in an evenly spaced manner
  • The length of these needles will be decided upon after analysing your skin condition. The deeper the needles penetrate, the more dramatic the results will be.

Benefits of Dermaroller Therapy

  • Minimally invasive procedure that can be carried out by applying a local anaesthetic
  • Very effective for treating scars, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thickens and plumps up your skin by damaging the surface evenly
  • The treatment improves the skin texture by naturally increasing the production of collagen
  • Results in skin tightening making you look younger

Dermaroller Therapy Side Effects

The professionals who administer the dermaroller treatment at Nu Cosmetic are well-trained and highly experienced. They take all the necessary precautions to make sure you don’t face any harsh side effects or complications. Slight redness, mild bruising, dry skin and a little bit of bleeding or discoloration of skin is quite common after the treatment session. However, these should fade away in about a day or two. It is better to closely monitor your skin condition for a period of two days.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Dermaroller Therapy Reviews

We, at Nu Cosmetic, have helped many improve their skin texture and eliminate scars through safe and effective Dermaroller therapy. Most of them have been extremely satisfied with the kind of results they have seen from the therapy. Not only have they recommended our services to many people they know, they have also written up a few positive reviews that we have uploaded on our testimonial page.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Dermaroller Therapy Cost

The cost of dermaroller therapy is different for each and every individual. The exact amount that you may have to spend on your treatment depends totally on your skin condition, the area to be treated and the number of sessions you may require. It will be estimated by the specialist who assesses your skin condition during the consultation session that you opt for, at Nu Cosmetic.

Dermaroller Therapy FAQs

Dermaroller Therapy works well for all skin types. It works for everyone who is otherwise healthy and wish to eliminate their wrinkles, fine lines and scars and improve their skin texture.
One thing you definitely need to do before you undergo dermaroller therapy is have a consultation session with a qualified practitioner to check out if this is the right treatment for you. During this session, you will be able to clarify all your queries regarding the procedure and understand the pros and cons.
While Dermaroller therapy works well for all skin types, certain people who have any of the following problems may not be ideal candidates for this treatment:
• Eczema
• Severe psoriasis or any other chronic skin condition
• Solar (actinic) keratosis
• Herpes
• Diabetes
• Any raised moles, lesions or warts in the targeted area
• Cancer
• Scleroderma, cardiac abnormalities, collagen vascular diseases, blood clotting problems, fungal infections or active bacterial infections
Apart from the above, pregnant or lactating mothers and those who are on immune-suppressants are advised not to go for dermaroller therapy.


At Nu, we know that cosmetic enhancement is a private and personal matter and we strongly believe in keeping all details completely confidential. We promise that all details of your dealings with us, from consultation appointments to your procedure and aftercare will be kept completely private and confidential. We will only discuss it with people you have explicitly nominated such as your partner or other named next of kin.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case