Overview of PRP Therapy

PRP is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses highly concentrated platelets that are extracted from your own blood. These platelets are powerful enough to heal your scalp and enhance the growth of your hair. A blood sample is drawn from your body and spun in a centrifuge to get platelet rich plasma that will be infused into your scalp through natural fillers.

Benefits of PRP

  • Stops hair loss almost instantly by activating the cells around the follicles
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive and painless procedure
  • Safe treatment
  • Natural results

How it works?

  • Blood is extracted from your body like it is done in any normal blood test
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  • This is then put into a centrifugal spinner that spins up the blood until only highly concentrated platelets are left
  • These platelets are then missed with natural fillers to come up with a rich gel-like substance
  • Numbing cream or a topical anesthetic is applied onto the areas of your scalp where you are facing hair thinning
  • The gel that is prepared is then injected into the scalp using thin micro needles

Results of PRP

You should start seeing the results of PRP in about two to three weeks. However, you may need multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

You will see a consistent improvement in your results and within about a year or so, you will see a good density of hair along your hair line. Combining this treatment with medications and various other complimentary treatments can ensure better and prolonged results.

Ideal Candidates for PRP

Any man who is physically and medically healthy and suffering from hair loss can be an ideal candidate for PRP. However, it is better if the person is below 65 years of age and is not completely bald.

Also, in case you are suffering from any skin allergies, cancer or any serious metabolic disorder, it is better you look for an alternative treatment.

Cost of PRP

PRP is a lot more affordable than many other hair loss surgeries and treatments. However, the exact amount that you may have to shell out for your PRP treatment can be estimated only after looking into your condition, the number of sessions required, number of injections required and the kind of density you would like to achieve.

You can book an appointment with one of our experts and go for a consultation session, during which you will have the cost estimated and queries clarified.

PRP Reviews

We, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, have helped many clients get rid of their hair loss worries by administering sophisticated treatments such as PRP. Most of these clients have been extremely satisfied with the kind of results they have experienced.

They have recommended our clinic to many of their friends. Some clients have even written a few positive reviews about our services, which you can read on our testimonial page.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Frequently asked questions

Early stages of Androgenic Alopecia can be treated through PRP by reducing hair fall, improving the hair density and enhancing the quality of hair. Even in a few cases of Alopecia Areata, PRP has demonstrated good results with respect to the re-growth of hair.
Yes. In order to achieve better and faster results, the PRP treatment can be combined with medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia, microneedling and even a hair transplant surgery. However, this is a decision that your doctor will take after assessing your condition.


Undergoing treatment for hair loss is a private and personal matter, which Nu Cosmetic Clinic respects. We, therefore maintain complete confidentiality when it comes to preserving the personal details of our clients.

Right from the time you come to consultation to after-care, any details that you provide will be absolutely safe with us. Unless you nominate a person and instruct us to discuss your treatment with him/her we will never attempt to disclose your details.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case