Reduce your Breast Size; Enhance Your Beauty

The above URL is a talk by Dr. Amita of Nu Cosmetic Clinic, about Breast Reduction Procedure. She endorses it to be one of the best solutions for the various problems that women face because of their large breasts.

Problems caused by Large & Heavy Breasts

As Per Dr. Amita, heavy breasts tend to place excessive weight on your chest. This can cause severe pain in your neck and upper back, leading to a bad posture and sometimes even spinal deformity. A few women also tend to hunch forward so as to hide their breasts. This can worsen the problem of back pain. Large breasts, she says, can also limit your activities that you could have otherwise engaged in, quite comfortably. Apart from all the health problems, she says that many women with large breasts also feel that they are cosmetically unappealing.

Pre-Procedure Tests

Dr. Amita says that they, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, generally do not post patients to surgery unless they send them for a medical test and also a pre-anaesthetic check-up. Any complications would be revealed at this stage that will minimize the risks involved. Only if all the tests seem ok do they go ahead with the surgery, says Dr. Amita.

How the procedure works

As Dr. Amita says, breast reduction procedure happens to be a surgical procedure that is done under general anaesthesia. The steps are as follows:

  • The surgeon creates incisions around the nipple and below the breasts
  • The excessive tissues are removed and the breast will be lifted and shaped. The nipple would be repositioned, according to the results the patient wants to achieve.
  • The incisions are all brought together and sutured so as to support the breasts that are thus newly shaped.

She says that it takes anywhere between two to three hours to complete the procedure.

After Care

Post Breast-reduction surgery, Dr. Amita says that the patient will have to spend about two days in the hospital. During which her condition will be closely monitored, making sure the recovery is as expected. After the discharge, proper after-care would be provided by the clinic, says she. However, as per her, you will see the desired results only if you take proper care of yourself and go for the regular follow-up sessions without fail.

While this was about the talk mentioned in the above URL, here is a little more information about Breast Reduction Surgery:

Side Effects & Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Scarring is one thing you will have to live with if you undergo breast reduction surgery. However, these scars may fade over time.
  • Also, you may feel a change in your breast or nipple sensation. However, this is of a temporary nature.
  • Apart from the above, you may also come across a little bit of bruising and swelling, which should go away in the next two to three days.
  • A Dull pain might be quite evident for a few days. Your doctor may have prescribed a painkiller which should help take care of this.
  • Bleeding or infections if any need to be informed immediately so that proper action can be taken within time.
  • You may feel that your breasts are excessively firm after the procedure.

The results of breast reduction surgery vary from one person to the other. Don’t make up your mind until you talk to a surgeon, who assesses your condition thoroughly and let you know if it will work for you.