Precautions for Laser hair removal

You may have tried all methods of hair removal from threading, waxing, plucking to hair removal creams by now. However, you have found one thing consistent about these procedures that the hair grows back. It hardly reduces and as it grows you again have to take time out to repeat these processes. For years, you may have been using these techniques only to find the hair just grows back. This is why we, at the NU Clinic take the pleasure of bringing Laser hair removal treatment to you. Anyone, of any age and gender can opt for this process. With reasonable pricing and financing options things have turned quite exciting for everyone seeking for permanent hair removal solutions.

Precautions to take for Laser hair removal

As the world is getting competitive, men and women realize that in order to stay in the competition they need to work on their grooming. This is one of the major reasons why people choose to remove unwanted hair. Some do it for pure aesthetics and a few would do it to remain clean. Reasons could be many, but solution is one and choosing laser procedure for hair removal could lead you to a more permanent solution. However, there are few precautions that should you be aware of to take before you delve into it, like:


  1. Choose the right clinic – This has to be the first thing that you need to sort out because many things depend on it. Come on, you will be treating your skin with this procedure and you need to be careful about who you choose. A good clinic will provide you with all the details during consultations. Make sure that you do not leave any leaf unturned while doing so.
  2. Ask for the prices – No hidden costs to be borne by you unless you are specified about them. This is one thing you need to be serious about as you deserve to know all about it. Some clinics have financing services that youshould be told about.
  3. Read the fine print – That is to say read their terms and conditions thoroughly. See if the clinic is transparent or not, do they provide details that match with their services and conduct a research on your own to find out how they actually fare.
  4. Learn about the procedure – You need to be guided about the pre procedure and post procedure care. Collect information about radiation and risks if any involved with Laser hair removal Find out more about the aesthetician who will be rendering this procedure if possible.
  5. General know how – Ideally keep the following things in your mind as this will serve as a starting point for your final preparation:
    • Stay away from threading , waxing, plucking or using hair removal creams on the areas you want to use laser rays on prior to 3 weeks as you will be advised to preserve the root of the hair
    • Do not undergo tanning for 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure and if it is tanned already, then wait for it to fade
    • Avoid the procedure if you have skin problems
    • Just do not apply creams for 1 or 2 months before the treatment
    • Say no to makeup before treatment
    • Do not take any medication without your doctor’s advice
    • Wash your skin meticulously before the treatment as you don’t want any residue to remain on your skin as that may be more damaging
    • Do not forget to put on the eyewear during the procedure
    • Cover the rest of your body while undergoing laser treatment

Now the question is what do you get at our clinic? If you choose to undergo Laser hair removal treatment at our facility, you will be pleased to find it updated with modern technical equipments. Our facilities are designed with state of the art technique that houses equally trained professionals. Our surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical are very friendly to get accustomed to. They are professional at the same and know their jobs very well. You can just walk in any of our facilities and experience it by yourself.