Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care for Hair Transplantation

Hey all, this is Shaji! I am working as a Hair Transplant Consultant at Nu Cosmetic Clinic.

Many a times my clients keep asking me if there is any kind of pre-operative or post-operative care they need to take before and after the hair transplant procedure. I thought I would use this blog to clarify this particular aspect of Hair Transplantation.

Pre-Operative Care for Hair Transplantation

There is not much that one has to do before undergoing hair transplantation other than attending a consultation session with the hair transplant specialist. During this session, the nursing team or the hair transplant specialist would do the following things:

  • Assessment of the hair in your donor area (back of your head)
  • Medical tests such as blood pressure check and a few blood tests to check your overall health
  • Scheduling your hair transplant appointment

At this stage, it is good to inform the specialist if you are taking any kind of medications. During this session, you will know everything there is to know about hair transplant and clarify queries in case you have any. You will be given the necessary instructions to follow before the procedure. Some of these would include:

  • To make sure the hair in your donor area is 2 to 3 cm in length, in case you are going for Follicular unit transplantation. This will ensure that the stitches on your donor area will be covered efficiently. In case of FUE, you may have to shave your head on the day of the procedure.
  • To stop taking aspirin about 2 weeks before you are due for your hair transplant. It is always better to check with your cardiologist or GP before you do so.
  • To use Tea-Tree shampoo a week before your procedure
  • To stop taking vitamin supplements about a week before your procedure
  • To stay away from drinking alcohol at least for a period of 48 hours before you are due for your hair transplant surgery
  • To take the medication that you will be given, the evening before the day of surgery. Make sure you are in your home or hotel before taking this medication.
  • To have a sumptuous breakfast before you leave for the clinic
  • To make sure you arrange for someone to drop you and pick you up from the clinic

Post-Operative Care for Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplantation you will be given a few antibiotics to prevent any further infections. You need to make sure you take these as per the instructions you receive. The other kinds of instructions may include:

  • To spray the stitches as well as the transplanted area with saline water solution (or tap water) once every 20 minutes during the initial 12 hours after the surgery. This will avoid the formation of any kind of scabs, while keeping the area hydrated. Care should be taken not to touch the transplanted hair while doing so. After 12 hours make sure you get a few hours of undisturbed sleep.
  • To drink lots of water and eat normally
  • To start a regime of using tea tree shampoo to clean your hair three days after your procedure. Take care not to rub the donor or the transplanted area. You can dilute the shampoo and pour it on the area and then rinse it off. After washing just pat dry hair using a clean towel. This procedure should be followed till the 14th
  • To avoid wearing a hat till the 14th day and stay away from standing under a power shower.
  • To avoid blow drying or towel drying your hair till the 14th
  • To spray the area to avoid itching
  • To avoid working out at gym and other kinds of strenuous physical activities for about four weeks after the procedure.
  • To avoid exposure to the sun until 14 days from the date of the procedure. If you need to, then you will have to use an umbrella

You can return to normal lifestyle after 14 days. However, it is better to take things lightly. It is very important to attend the follow-up sessions as instructed by your hair transplant specialist.

For more information you can watch my video on YouTube.