What you need to know about Hair Transplantation

Shaji is a hair transplant consultant at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, who has spoken about FUE and FUT – the two main methods of hair transplantation in the above mentioned video.

He starts by describing FUE and FUT in the following manner:

In FUE of Follicular Unit Extraction method, hair follicles are individually extracted from the donor area, which is the back of your head and then isolated into grafts using a high-powered microscope.

In case of FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation, a long thin strip of tissues is removed from the back of your head or the donor area, which is placed in a holding solution. The grafts are dissected and isolated in units of 1, 2, 3 or 4, under a high-powered microscope.

“This is all you may have heard about hair transplantation,” says Shaji. “Many experts talk only about the extraction part and leave out the actual transplantation part of hair transplantation. Today, I would like to talk the method by which hair grafts are transplanted on to the recipient area.”

According to him, the success of hair transplantation depends not only on the method that you choose, but also on the way you handle the bulbs or the ends of the hair follicles. He emphasizes that one should not give pressure while handling them. As per him, any kind of carelessness might lead to dullness, delays or decrease in density of hair, which might lead to disgruntled clients.

“As you may have guessed, incisions are first created at the recipient area for the placement of grafts (after applying a local anesthetic),” says Shaji. “But what you may not know is how these grafts are placed into these incisions.”

Three main Methods of Transplanting Hair Grafts

There are three methods by which hair grafts are transplanted on to the recipient area:

The Needle-Pricking Method

This is the traditional method that many hair clinics adopt while placing the grafts into the incisions that are created in the recipient area. Not only does this cause pain, it will also result in damages because of more pressure being placed on the grafts and the chances of the grafts moving up and down during transplantation.

The Punching Method

Punching method of hair transplantation or punch grafting comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here a punched out cylinder is used to transplant hair grafts into the recipient area. While this stimulates hair growth in bald areas, it can give a ‘pluggy’ look to your hair line, especially if you have dark or coarse hair. Also, this might cause a serious depletion of your donor hair. You might even come across some amount of shotgun scarring at the donor area.

The Forceps Method

The forceps method is by far the best method of hair transplantation. Shaji says that this is the method that is adopted in Nu cosmetic clinic. Through this method, it is possible to keep the length of the grafts uniform during the placement. Also, since there is hardly any pressure that is placed on the grafts, the damages are bare minimal or even nil. This method, as Shaji Says enables them to place the grafts in a faster way and with great precision, keeping in mind the exact direction and length of grafts. It has helped them achieve great success in many of the hair transplantation cases they have treated.