Laser Hair Removal – Main areas to Target

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams on unwanted hair can be a pain as it needs to be done quite often. The discomfort involved and the side effects of these procedures can make it very difficult to stick to a routine that involves regular sessions. The result would be unwanted hair that stops you from wearing your favourite clothes and makes you feel conscious at all times.  A permanent solution that is painless and free from side effects would be welcome and this for sure, is Laser Hair Removal.


Before starting the process of laser hair removal, the hair in your targeted area will be trimmed down to a few millimetres. Then the laser equipment will be adjusted according to your skin colour, hair color, thickness and its location. You will be given some eye protection to wear. A cool gel will be applied on the outer layer of your skin or a special cooling device would be used. Then the laser is used to penetrate a high-beam light of a specific wavelength through the skin of your targeted area. This light is absorbed by the hair follicles in the targeted area, causing some amount of damage that destroys their capacity to grow hair. After the procedure an ice pack would be applied to ease you off your discomfort.

Laser can be used on any part of your body to remove unwanted hair and achieve the desired look. The main targeted areas for laser hair removal include: face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas.


  1. Underarms:
    laser hair removal for underarm

    This is among the most common areas that are targeted for laser hair removal. These are also the most important areas in your body that have to be hair-free, especially if it is summer. Hair is usually densely packed in this area as it is not exposed. While it is very awkward to shave this area, waxing can make it very painful. However, laser hair removal can help you get rid of this hair in a pain-free and quick way. Multiple sessions may be required to eliminate hair from this area, depending upon your hair growth. You should nevertheless start seeing results right from the first two sessions.

  2. Bikini Line:
    laser hair removal for bikini line

    If swimming is your favourite workout activity you may need to concentrate on eliminating the unsightly unwanted hair from your bikini line area. Hair in this area tends to grow longer and thicker. Also, being a sensitive area, waxing can make it very painful. Shaving can cause ingrown hair that can cause a whole lot of discomfort. Laser Hair Removal can be the safest way to deal with hair on your bikini line. Nevertheless it is an area that requires special attention and hence can be a little more expensive and time-consuming. You may need multiple treatments until you start noticing any results.


  3. Face:
    laser hair removal for face

    Hair growth on face includes your eyebrows, upper lip area, cheeks, chin and neck and sometimes forehead too. Wrestling with your tweezers is not a comfortable option to deal with this hair; yet it gets difficult to make frequent visits to the salon. It is very important to choose an expert for laser hair removal from face. The work needs to be very precise and delicate. Individual hairs will have to be targeted in an extremely careful way.

  4. Arms:
    Laser Hair Removal for Arms

    Whether you want to go sleeveless or wear clothes that have short sleeves, you will need your arms to be free from unwanted hair. Forgetting or having no time to shave or wax may leave you in embarrassing situations. Laser hair removal might help you in getting rid of unwanted hair from your arms in a permanent way. However, since the area is bigger, you may require many sessions spaced out through a year to achieve the desired results.

  5. Legs:
    Laser Hair Removal for Legs

    Hair on legs can look unsightly or ugly. To hide them you may have to always wear long skirts or trousers. In summer this might cause a whole lot of discomfort. You may wish to wear shorts or short skirts like your friends and maybe even hit the beach. Shaving or waxing this area does take a lot of time and given the busy schedules in our lives today, dedicated this kind of time may not be possible for everyone. Laser hair removal may come as a blessing to you. However, you need to be prepared to attend a few treatment sessions in order to be free of unwanted hair on your legs forever.

Laser is more of a hair reduction procedure than a hair removal treatment. It aims at retarding the hair growth by destroying the hair follicles. You may come across fresh hair growth even after a session of laser hair removal. Nevertheless, you will get to notice that such hair would be thinner and softer. Eventually the hair growth will start reducing and may even become nil.

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