Gastric Balloon Surgery – An Overview

The above video is a talk on gastric balloon surgery given by Dr. Priyanka Singh, who works as senior consultant and dietician-wellness at the Nu Cosmetic Clinic.

What is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Introducing the surgery, she says that this is basically a bariatric surgery which is performed endoscopically. She says it works for people who are interested in temporary weight loss. This can help in reducing about 10 to 30 kgs of excess weight. An ideal candidate for gastric balloon surgery, she says, is one whose BMI is 27 or above.

How it works?

  • Under sedation or administration of a throat numbing spray, a camera will be inserted into your mouth down to your stomach, through an endoscope, says Dr. Priyanka.
  • The doctor will check the situation of your abdomen and stomach to see whether the gastric balloon can be easily placed.
  • Then a silicon balloon is inserted and placed inside your stomach. This gastric balloon will be filled up with saline. The inflated balloon works on reducing the capacity of your stomach, thereby restricting the amount of food that you can take.

According to Dr. Priyanka, this surgery reduces your appetite and gives you a feeling of fullness. As such there will be reduction in the amount of food you can consume.


20 minutes is what the gastric balloon procedure takes to be completed says Dr. Priyanka. After this the patient will be observed for a period of two to four hours. In case the patient is feeling any kind of irritation or vomiting sensation, he/she may have to stay overnight in the hospital. Once a proper feedback is received by the patient, he/she will be sent home.

A few blood tests may have to be done before the surgery suggests Dr. Priyanka. Also, a psychological and behavioural analysis may be done along with a complete diet check-up. This will help the doctor understand whether the gastric balloon surgery will help the patient or not.

Diet Control:

Diet, as per Dr. Priyanka, is the most important determining factor of the success of the gastric balloon surgery. A person who cannot control his diet will not see good results after the procedure. It is very important to follow the recommended diet and stick to a proper exercise regime if one wants to achieve optimal results through the gastric balloon surgery, says Dr. Priyanka.

“You have to take utmost care to keep up the quality of food that you eat,” says Dr. Priyanka. “You should ideally go for low-calorie food which has adequate proteins, vitamins as well as minerals. Your doctor may prescribe a few nutritional supplements that you need to take if you wish to avoid deficiencies of any kind.”

Gastric Balloon surgery is a temporary surgery. The balloon will have to be removed after a period of six months. This is sometimes done as a preliminary procedure for gastric band or gastric bypass surgery to reduce the risk factor. For more details on this procedure or surgery, please visit:

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