Eyebrow Transplant – An Overview

Dr. Renu, a consultant dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, talks about Eyebrow Transplant in the above mentioned video.

She says…

“As you may know Hair Transplantation, as a procedure, has been gaining immense popularity all over the world. The reason behind this is the excellent results that people have experienced after the treatment.”

In fact, she says, many have started getting hair transplantation done in many areas apart from the scalp too. One such common area is Eyebrows.

“We, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, often see a lot of female clients who wish to achieve thicker and fuller eyebrows, shaped in a natural way,” says Dr. Renu.

As per her, the loss of eyebrow hair may occur due to a medical condition, tattooing or even frequent threading. There may be people who have less hair on their eyebrows right from their birth. “A few that come to us have no such problems; yet they may have less hair on the sides of their eyebrows,” adds Dr. Renu.“Eyebrow Transplantation is the treatment that we suggest for all such issues.”

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow Transplantation is a procedure where in hair follicles from the donor area (back of your scalp) are extracted through FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and transplanted on to your eyebrows where you are facing extreme thinning of hair. The number of grafts that are extracted depends upon the density of existing hair on your eyebrows.

How it works?

  • First local anaesthesia is injected into the donor area as well as the area to be treated (eyebrows in this case)
  • Hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area and dissected into grafts under a high-powered microscope
  • Tiny incisions are created in the area to be treated to place these grafts
  • Grafts are placed one by one, taking care to follow the exact direction and angle so as to maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows.

Recovery after Eyebrow Transplant

Post-operation, you may come across a bit of swelling or bruising at the transplanted area. Nevertheless, these symptoms should fade away in about a week’s time. You will be required to take a few painkillers as well as antibiotics for about a week starting from the day of the surgery. This will help you deal with the discomfort and avoid any further complications.

Results of Eyebrow Transplant

You will have to wait for about three to six months of time to see fresh hair growing out of your transplanted area. In about a year’s time you should see the complete results of the treatment and enjoy thick and full eyebrows with a perfect natural shape. Nevertheless, the hair might be much longer than what it was before. This would require frequent trimming or threading so as to achieve a groomed look, at all times.

As Dr. Renu says, Nu Cosmetic can help clarify all your queries about hair transplantation and solve your issues with regard to hair loss. All you need to do is give us a call, send us an email or drop in at any of our clinics (Koramangala and Whitefield in Bangalore and Khar in Mumbai), at your convenience.