My Experience with Hair Transplant at Nu Cosmetic Clinic

Saurav talks about his experience with hair transplant at Nu Cosmetic Clinic. He starts by thanking Nu Cosmetic Clinic for the kind of support he has received during his treatment and even after that.

Saurav had in fact visited many clinics before visiting Nu Cosmetic Clinic. He felt that the estimates that he received from them were too expensive. Fortunately for Saurav, the estimate that he got from Nu Cosmetic Clinic was very satisfactory. This estimate was given to him only after the doctor did a thorough assessment of his hair and scalp condition. The dense hair growth at the back of Saurav’s head was something that helped the doctor, assure him of positive results through hair transplant.

Saurav was pleased with the attitude of the doctor whom he met during consultation. He was positive that the culture at Nu Cosmetic Clinic had a lot to do with this attitude and with the warmth and friendliness that the staff at the clinic displayed.

During the consultation session Saurav was given a date for his surgery, as per his convenience. On the day of surgery when he reached the clinic, the staff there made sure he was absolutely comfortable throughout the surgery. In fact, he says he never felt any kind of pain or discomfort.

The entire hair transplant procedure took only about three to four hours as the hair transplant specialist used a technique that was extremely sophisticated. The doctors at the other clinics that Saurav had previously visited had told him that it would take anywhere between eight to nine hours for them to complete the process of hair transplantation.

FUT is the technique that Nu Cosmetic Clinic adopted for Saurav’s hair transplant. The doctor had explained it to him in complete detail before the procedure began.

He says it all started out very well. Good music made him feel relaxed. Refreshments were given every now and then. Most importantly, Saurav was fully conscious throughout the surgery.

At first a local anesthetic lotion was applied to the back of Saurav’s head. Then a long thin strip of tissues was removed and kept it in a holding solution immediately. The area was then quickly covered up with sutures. Then a few staff members started separating the grafts using a high-powered microscope. Saurav was amazed with the speed with which they did this.

The anesthetic lotion was then applied to the areas of Saurav’s head where he was experiencing baldness. Small incisions were then created in these places to insert the grafts. He felt absolutely no pain even when the needles were pricked into his scalp.

The insertion of grafts, as Saurav says, was done by the hair transplant specialist in a quick but careful way. It took about a few hours to insert all the grafts into all those areas where he was facing hair thinning.

A light bandage was then applied on the donor area that was stitched up and Saurav was good to go back home. He was given clear instructions to follow before he left the clinic.

The only thing Saurav was worried about was the scar at the back of his head. However, with subsequent sessions, the hair transplant specialist at Nu cosmetic clinic made sure the scar became absolutely unnoticeable.

Not only did Nu Cosmetic Clinic help cover Saurav’s baldness with fresh, healthy and natural growth of hair, they also helped him regain his confidence in life. It has been four months now since Saurav started his hair transplant treatment. He is absolutely sure he will be able to achieve the desired results soon.

He ends his talk by thanking the entire team of Nu Cosmetic for the support and care he was shown. He seems truly obliged. To know more about hair transplant, please visit: